Podcast Episode 34 – ‘Cos I’m Sick!


Finished Objects

  • Early Autumn by Alana Dakos, my project page
  • Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 4 ply, hand dyed by me
  • 614 yards (561m)
  • 3mm (US 2.5) & 3.5mm (US 4) generic 17″ circulars + 3.5mm (US 4) HiyaHiya 9″ circulars

Works in Progress

Shop Update

  • Lovebird Lane Etsy Shop
  • Shop update
  • Trying out a new yarn for my Peachface Fingering with a much larger yardage 525 yards / 480 metres
  • Peachface Fingering Test – 2 skeins available ‘Crazy Beautiful’
  • Peachface Fingering – ‘Over the Rhône’ x 2, ‘Lily Pond’ x 2, ‘Key Lime Pie’ x 2, ‘Neon Speckle’ x 1 & ‘Woodland Party’ x 1

A new place to share…

I know I started to write about my personal struggles here on the otherwise craft-filled blog. And I know it’s my blog and I can do whatever I want with it but I didn’t feel entirely comfortable putting it here. MyMuddlings is a space of colour and craft and my mental health struggles are certainly not colourful or craft! 😉

I have recently come to a realisation about my health issues and feel the need to explore them further and to that end, I have started a new blog here. So if you’ve found me for the exploration into my psyche, then please follow me over on the new blog as that will be where I am sharing from now on.

Thank you xx

Podcast Episode 33 – My First Jamberrys


Works in Progress


Tuesday Morning

Wow. I’ve never had so many likes on a blog post. I don’t know how you found me, or even if you’re reading this now, but thank you. I can only imagine that you’re going through your own struggles and somehow I made you feel less alone. Well, at least I hope I did. You guys made me feel less alone.

So I did a mini-clean of my house yesterday. There is less bird seed and dog hair on the ground now. We have clean sheets and towels. The dishes were all done. A few times I wanted to give up and hibernate on the couch but I completed my mission. I feel a bit happier to look around a cleaner and more organised house.

I also managed to wash my hair. I’m a night showerer (a word), and I don’t know why but since summer my shower time has moved further and further back to being just before bed. Probably because we don’t have house-wide air conditioning and I can’t stand going to bed sweaty. I have long and thick hair so washing it right before bed is a no-go. So after my house clean, I had a Julieanne clean. My hair was quite greasy so I was very happy to have clean hair again. Now that autumn is here, I think I’ll need to move my showers back to a more manageable time. Perhaps after dinner. That would work.

I got out of the house. If only to do grocery shopping. We’re all set until after Easter. I managed to make my step goal too. It’s only 4,000 steps at this stage but I got to nearly 5,000. I was exhausted by 8pm and my restless legs kicked in. I was asleep by 10pm and slept until 6:30am. So at least I feel rested today.

So, although I’m feeling a bit worthless, I’m still accomplishing stuff. I need to post a couple of orders today and I can’t decide if I want to walk or ride. I’d love to walk Granger up there but I wouldn’t trust him to be tied up outside. Maybe I’ll ride. I still need to build up my cycling muscles more.

We have a monthly thing on tonight. I don’t know if hubs wants to go but I don’t really want to… Surprise, surprise. He’s of the opinion (along with my mum) that I need to get out more and have more human interaction. I don’t feel I need it. I enjoy my own company. Besides, trying to interact with people who aren’t close friends is an exhausting prospect. Social anxiety is balls. Oh well, if hubs goes, I’ll more than likely be taken along. Will that fill my social interaction quota for the week? Who knows.

Until next time…

Random Thoughts on a Sunday Afternoon

WARNING: This post will not be about craft so if you’re here for the sewing and yarny goodness, today is not your day. 😉

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog. Writing is something I really enjoy doing and so, I do not want to stop having this outlet. But I think my required use for this blog is changing.

I no longer sew a lot, and that is where this blog started; recording my journey in learning to sew. Knitting and fibre craft has become my job now. A very low paying job, but a job I love none the less. And I have the podcast to discuss my projects. So it feels like double handling to do a blog post about them here as well. That’s not to say that I won’t blog about sewing or fibre craft or my shop. I still will. But I have been going through the downward slide over the last two weeks or so of deteriorating mental health. That well-worn path into the darkness. The sudden fear of crossing the threshold of my house. The random feeling of impostor syndrome when sharing something I have created, when I know that I do a good job and have no reason to feel inadequate. The feelings of being worthless when I don’t make any sales.

All these thoughts have been plaguing me for a time. I push on. Go through the daily motions. Tell everyone I’m fine. I’m not fine. I feel like I’m on a treadmill, constantly moving but never getting where I need to go. The housework falls by the wayside, even though being in an unvacuumed  and cluttered environment only makes my self-worth drop even more. My creative imagination slowly dries up. What used to bring me joy is now a chore. Self-care gets left behind too.

For all these reasons and more, I find myself longing for this keyboard. This blog. A place to share and try to get my thoughts in order. I found a quote* on Facebook today: “Tough times never last, but tough people do.” And I am tough. I’ve been through this before. I’ve gotten through it before. I do not let it break me.

I will prevail.

*Credited to Robert H. Schuller

Podcast Episode 32 – Lovebirds!


Finished Objects

Works in Progress

Shop News

  • Thank You sale is going on right now – 15% off everything in the shop until Sunday with code THANKYOU
  • If you order over this weekend, I’ll be adding in bonus items randomly to some orders – will your order be a lucky one?!!
  • Extra bonus! If I get 5 or more orders over the weekend, I’ll randomly select an order to refund 50% (excluding shipping)
  • Gradually going through and swatching my colourways to inform your choices better
  • Will hopefully photograph my completed knitwear for the shop today and get them listed
  • I will be doing a knitted wardrobe destash in the shop and via my personal Instagram – keep an eye out!

Video Podcast Episode 31 – Kid’s Sweater of Doom


  • 2017 Stash Down going on in the Ravelry board
  • Our sponsors for the MAL so far are Caroline of Clothesline Designs and Tamara of TamsCraftyKnits
  • Please contact me via Ravelry PM or at julieannec@mymuddlings.com if you’d like to sponsor a prize or go to PayPal to donate towards prizes
  • Thank you to everyone for subscribing to my channel – I’m over 200 subscribers now and I’m so grateful!

Works in Progress

Shop Update

  • Mini-skein sets on my new Swindern Sock base – Tonal or Variegated
  • Tonal – Blushing Rose, Summer Peaches, Caterpillar, Kingfisher & Wisteria Arbour
  • Variegated – Flame Trees, Iris Blooms, Prismarine, 3pm & Winterfell
  • 5 x ~20g skein for a total of at least 100g
  • 432 yards/395 meters
  • 4 of each available Friday 31st March, 7pm ACDT @ Lovebird Lane Yarns on Etsy