Sorbettos (yes, two now!)

So I’ve made another Sorbetto this week [link through to the free pattern, unless you have it already ;)]. I have been meaning to blog about my first one for a couple weeks now but now you get two for one!

I’ve been thinking with the garments I’ve made so far that I need to make a size smaller top and do a full bust adjustment. The reason I’ve come to this conclusion is that with both these Sorbetto tops, they seem to be big even though I’ve matched it to my bust measurement; especially in the front of the arm hole. Also with my Pastille dress (but that’s another blog post).

Anyway onto the pictures! Unfortunately only iPhone selfies as we don’t have a tripod for our proper camera yet. Sorry about my dishevelled appearance, it was 5am and I’ve been sick for the last three days. 😦 You’ll probably all fall over to see me all done up!!! 😉


I made the yellow one first. I made my own bias binding (well, it was left over from the Meringue skirt). You can’t really see the excess fabric in these photos. You can see a bit of it in the polka dot picture. I used a purchased contrasting binding for this top… Not sure if I love the colours together but it is what it is. I made this variation 2 inches longer than the original one too. Not that you can really tell that either. I like the way the polka dot ones hangs better. The yellow poplin is a little stiff for this top. I’m hoping it might soften up with wearing and washing. The polka dot is the same voile I used for my Hazel dress so it’s very soft and drapey. And I like the extra length.

Next one of these I try will definitely have the extra length but I’m thinking I’ll do one with sleeves and perhaps the pleat inside out at the top and just left to hang at the bottom as I’ve seen on a few people’s variants.

Anyways, both wearable and comfy for the hot, summer days we’re having at the moment. A nice, simple pattern that I’m bound to make again. 🙂 Stay posted. 😉


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