So I’ve been a bit quiet…

It’s getting really close to my wedding now (12 days!) so I’ve put myself on a sewing ban. I have plenty of other things that need to be done prior to the wedding that I cannot spend the time sewing 😦

But I realised I hadn’t posted about my Pastille dress yet. This one was a bit of a pain. This was the first garment that I’d made a muslin of and even though I did that, my lack of experience in fitting a muslin meant that it didn’t help in the slightest!!! The only thing I got right was to do a sway back adjustment on the skirt of the dress. Actually, I’m quite happy with the way the skirt turned out. The bodice, on the other hand not so much. I think I needed a smaller bodice size and then to do a full bust adjustment. I had so much fabric around the sides and especially the back of my bodice even though I took in the side seams by 2 inches each! I couldn’t get the arm facings to work despite multiple attempts but the neck worked okay. I ended up doing a bias binding around the arms instead.

I used a lovely cornflower blue cotton drill for the dress. It worked quite well as it is a bit stiffer and gave the dress a bit more structure.

So here she is:

IMG_1823IMG_1824Sorry for more crappy selfies. Not much choice really though. You can see how the skirt lays nice and flat at the top of my bum whereas the muslin did not. You can also see the extra fabric on the bodice. It wasn’t as bad after taking in the sides but I still wasn’t happy.

This dress has been through the wash now twice and this weekend I noticed that the bias binding on one of my armholes has completely ripped out! Must’ve sewn it too close to the edge… Oh well, I wasn’t happy with the bodice anyway. I’m thinking I might just take the bodice off the skirt and chuck it and put a small waistband on the skirt and wear it as a skirt. At least then my make isn’t a total waste and I can wear the part I was most happy with. 🙂


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