Picnic Basket Lining :)

So for my maid of honour’s birthday I was stumped as to what to get her. Another friend suggested as my m-o-h is a bit of a health nut that a basket of organic foods might be nice. Hey! That’s a unique idea and I saw a great tutorial for a basket lining too!

In my reading through the Coletterie, I came across a tutorial for a picnic basket lining and I thought it was one of the best things I’d seen. So cute and functional. I immediately wanted to make one for myself but then this idea for my friend popped up and I thought I’ll do one for J first. So here goes:


Here’s J’s basket. As with the tutorial on Coletterie, I thrifted it from our local Salvo’s family store. Please excuse the junk in the background; it’s my wedding craft bits and pieces. (Yes, I’m still doing my wedding craft and I’m getting married in four days!). I used the same funky yellow flower fabric that I made my Meringue and one of my Sorbettos from. I just adore it’s sunny retro-ness! I also purchased some co-ordinating yellow gingham for the inside. This project was my first attempt at button holes. My buttonhole foot seems a little hit and miss though so they weren’t exactly perfect, or even the same size:


But I’m only running cord through them so it’s not too bad. 🙂 J will understand! Maybe some more practice is in order. 😉 The only part of the tutorial I had problems with was the clipping of the corners to make the base of the lining’s insertion easier. I can never remember the difference between notches and clips and clipping corners. It’s usually a Google search every time one of these comes up! Anyway, it came together pretty easily and I did my most kick-ass slipstitching yet, but I didn’t take a photo sorry! So here’s the finished product:


Absolutely adorable right? Love this tutorial. It doesn’t use too much fabric and as you measure the basket to create your pattern, it’s truly a custom fit. Just one more look at that gorgeous flower fabric:


Awww yeah! 😀


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