I’ve inherited a sewing cabinet!!! Mucho happiness!

So I got given this over the weekend!


It’s a Horn sewing cabinet and it’s about 30 years old from my mother-in-law to be. And yes that’s my picnic basket waiting to be lined! Hopefully before the honeymoon as there should be lots of opportunities for picnics. 🙂 She gave it to me including all it’s contents so I had fun looking through it yesterday. There’s a bunch of different coloured sewing thread in there and lots of green so if I ever sew green I’m set! lol There was a lovely burgundy thread that matches my cotton drill I have for making some pants so I don’t need to buy thread for that. Check it out:


I was complaining the other day that I only had one hand sewing needle but not anymore! There was about 50 in this cabinet, still in their original packet! And machine needles too. I’m going to start sewing with knits soon and was needing to buy new needles for this but found a whole pack of stretch needles and also a 2mm twin needle! Awesome! I even found a tracing wheel! I was going to purchase one as it just seems so much more accurate for markings but now all I need is the carbon paper. 🙂 It also had a ton of some sort of crochet cotton in there from S’s grandma but I’m not really sure what to do with it. I crochet yarn and the cotton is so fine I’m not sure if I’ll ever use it. I scored a couple of crochet hooks from the cabinet in sizes I didn’t have (small for the cotton) so I’m fleshing out my set too. 🙂 And best yet, the cabinet stores my machine INSIDE it! Awesome!


Oh and so many bobbins! Seeing as I still hadn’t purchased any (my machine came with four plastic ones), now I don’t need to! 😀

Can you tell I’m excited about this gift? Nah. 😉


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