So things are going mad over here at MyMuddlings HQ. Lots of stuff going on in the background. Nothing really to report as yet but I’m excited!

I’ve made so many things that I haven’t had the chance to blog yet. This is mostly because I hate hassling Mr. MyMuddlings to take pics of me. And he always makes me smile. And only ever takes one picture. Apparently that’s sufficient lol. Off the top of my head I have made:

  • Sorbetto with cap sleeves
  • Miette wrap skirt
  • 2 x Renfrews
  • Vogue V1179

All since I last blogged about my clothes making. The cushion covers, tote bags and placemats are all easy to blog about because I don’t need to be wearing them when I take the pictures. I am hoping to invest in a tripod and wireless remote for my DSLR soon so I can take my own pictures and can pose/not smile all I want! 🙂 I’m really wanting to improve this blog as it’s a great way to showcase my passion and I’m hoping to develop things.

So to today’s efforts. I made my bridesmaid S a little clutch bag when I first started sewing which she loves and was using to store her nail polishes. Anyway, on the weekend she mentioned that she’d moved the nail polishes out of the clutch and replaced them with makeup and was wondered could make another clutch for her? I went one better and made her a makeup bag so her nail polishes could have their home back! 🙂 Only, I’ve now just remembered she wanted a pocket inside… oh well! Too late now! Here’s the bag:


I made this bag out of Pink Birds by Victoria & Albert by David Textiles, same as the fabric for my Drunken Cushion Cover and I purchased this at the same time from Fifi’s Fabricology. It is quite a wonderful print and I’m dying to make myself something out of it but I’m not sure what yet. Suggestions gratefully accepted! This is just a basic box bag, there’s tutorials all over the interwebs for them.


The lining you’ll recognise from my Mother’s Day Gifts. Here’s the pattern in flat, it’s really so kitchy and awesome and pink! Love it!


Picture: Fifi’s Fabricology

So, hopefully Miss S likes her new makeup bag even if it doesn’t have an internal pocket. 😉


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