My Rustling Leaves Beret

So I’ve finished my first real knitting project, the Rustling Leaves Beret by Alana Dakos!


So, these are some selfies I took at work. 🙂 This make took me just on a week to complete. I basically knitted in ALL my spare time.


I’m pretty slow as I’m obviously not an experienced knitter. I noticed while working that I have a definite step by step process as I work. You can physically see me go through the steps of kitting a stitch as I go!!! That being said I found this a fairly easy but impressive project for my first. The hardest part for me was working with the double pointed needles (DPNs). For the life of me, I couldn’t keep the stitches on the needles!!!


At one stage I was working away and then I realise that one of my other needles has slipped out and all my stitches are just sitting there, unsupported, threatening to unravel at any moment! >_<  Luckily I was able to pick them up and I didn’t lose a one! My swears were probably heard all over the neighbourhood though! I had to re-thread one or two stitches with my crochet hooks (an absolute God-send!) but in the end it was all good. 🙂

IMG_2021My puppy dog Granger felt the need to assist with these pics. ❤

IMG_2025This is what it looked like when I’d finished

After finishing up I wet blocked it but it didn’t even up my stitches as much as I got the impression that it would. I stretched the beret to dry over a 25cm plate as per the instructions but I think it’s a touch big. Not sure if I’d be able to re-block it and stretch it over a slightly smaller plate…? Any suggestions? It’s shaped quite nicely though. Maybe I just have a small head? Maybe? 😉

So, I’ve been bitten by the knitting bug! I’m on the hunt for my next project. Something else from the Coastal Knits book? A sweater or a cardigan maybe? A workmate has put in a request for a beanie so maybe that next. 😉 Be sure I will let you know. x


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