Megan Nielsen Fest!!!

Check out the new additions to my pattern library that arrived yesterday! Three patterns from Megan Nielsen. 🙂

Photo 9-07-13 5 20 40 AM

The Tania culottes and the Cascade skirt (both from the Breakwater Collection) have been getting a lot of positive reviews all over the internet. A couple of my favourites being Katy of Sleek Silhouette’s Stripey Cascade Skirt and Lauren of Lladybird’s Cascade Skirt. I love both of them and knew I had to make one of my own.

The culottes are a bit of a long story. Bear with me though. Would you believe one of the main reasons I decided to take up sewing was so I could sew myself culottes? As I am a larger lady with the bulk of me below the waist, I find that when wearing skirts in summer I can, ahem, chafe a little. Too much information??? 😉 My sister came back from her honeymoon with a divine light pink floaty pair of culottes she had made for her while she was away. I was so jealous! So when I saw Stacie’s and Winnie’s versions I knew I’d found my pattern. So great!

And finally, the Kelly skirt. Every time I see this skirt around the blogs it looks fantastic. All different body sizes and shapes rock this skirt. Did you see Joanne’s refashioned pillowcase Kelly? Amazing. And the pattern has pockets. I love me some pockets! 🙂 Gotta have somewhere to put the snotty tissues from my constantly running nose! What, too much information again??? 😉 I have the fabric already for this one. I purchased this gorgeous low pile velvet which is thicker like corduroy in a lovely magenta purple for a Colette Patterns Beignet but I’ve been scared off by the lining. I’ve never done one before and I’m afraid I’m going to chicken out of this one. For now. I’m sure I’ll make it as it’s also gorgeous! Did I ever mention how much I love Colette Patterns? 😉

You might have noticed my Hawthorn Sew Along button on my side bar. Yeah, about that… good intentions and all. I haven’t started. Yeah, so, ummm… look a squirrel!!! 😉

Also, the pic above is a sneaky peak of what’s on my cutting table next. I’m making another V1179 in a navy jersey. I’m currently pinning the fabric so it’s on grain when I cut. I also just purchased a massive 24 x 36 inch Olfa cutting mat and 45mm rotary cutter too. Can’t wait to crack those babies out!!!

What’s everyone working on at the moment?


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