Etsy Store Update

So I’ve been slowly drawing designs and accumulating bits and pieces for my Etsy store. Nearly there. 🙂 Anyways, spent about half an hour this morning working on some lavender bags that I’m going to be selling. Here’s my finished product:

Photo 10-07-13 5 36 30 AM


I made these from scraps of my Lisette Portfolio dress that I have yet to blog about. I love this fabric so much; it has a lovely retro kind of feel to it. It’s a cotton poplin so it has a lot of body and it worked wonderfully for these bags. I think I underestimated just how much lavender I’ll need if I make a lot of these though. Might have to look into bulk buys. 😉

Here’s a pic of one of the bag styles that I’ll be selling too:

Photo 28-06-13 5 13 55 PM


This one isn’t my design but the Buttercup bag by Made by Rae. Rae very generously allows you to make and sell items from this pattern (once you’ve bought the pattern which includes two sizes unlike the free pattern). I think it’s a great way to support cottage industry by making a licence available for people to sell items made from your patterns so thank you Rae! 🙂 This bag in the picture was a birthday present for my dear friend S. I love ladybirds and when I saw this fabric I knew I needed to buy some! I love the minty green lining too. And in case you’re wondering, S loved the bag so birthday present success! 🙂

Now I’ve just got to make more stock so I can open my store. 🙂


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