FO: Simplicity Lisette Portfolio Dress

So I’ve been a bit late with this post. Seems life got in the way and instead of having my backlog in a week, we’ve had a post a week. 😉 My bad. I’ve been knitting up a ultra-secret test pattern so I’ve been devoting a lot of time to that this week along with the usual housework, dog attacks* etc. (*This is isn’t a usual occurrence, but did happen this week. Long story.)

Anyway, onto the Simplicity Lisette 2245 Portfolio Dress.Lisette-Portfolio-EXP_20

Unfortunately, this is an out-of-print pattern. I searched high and low to find my copy after seeing Roobeedoo’s version and Karen’s version on their blogs (both awesome blogs too if you’re looking for more blogs to read!). As I’ve only recently read their blogs and theirs were made a couple years ago, I was late to the party. I ended up finding a copy on Etsy and snapped it up. I was a very happy chickadee! 🙂 Here’s my version:

IMG_0493Perhaps not the best shape on me (I’m bigger round the backside than those girls!) but I LOVE this dress. I love the fabric, I love the pockets, I love the sleeves. Everything. Totally making more of these. 🙂

It was a very straightforward make. There’s quite a few pieces though and the kind-of princess seams along the front that create the pocket lining was a little mind-bending to put together but I made it. 🙂 All my seams are finished on my overlocker. Although I didn’t take a photo, the buttons on the back are a bright red. Lovely. I did originally sew the neck facing down by stitching in the ditch around the neck piece but it wasn’t aligned correctly so there were a couple of puckers along the neck so I unpicked and then just tacked at either side of the back opening, the shoulder seams and the front just to keep it in place. Worked like a charm. 🙂

And my very favourite thing about this make? THE POCKETS!!!



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