FOs: Patricia Cowl in two forms

Since I cut my hair off right before winter, I’ve been loving myself a cowl. Knitted. Sewn. Doesn’t matter, I love ’em. When I saw this tutorial for the Patricia Infinity Cowl from Luvinthemommyhood I was sold. 🙂


My attempt at a serious shot. I don’t know that they work! I have resting bitch-face. 😉

This was the first one I made. Using blues and greens that I found as stash starters on discount at Spotlight. I loosely followed the tutorial for this one. By that I mean the tutorial called for full fat quarters of fabric to make up the pieces; I cut smaller pieces as I didn’t want to use up all the of the fabric. The problem being that it was then too small to double up around my neck so it has to be worn open and swinging, which I don’t mind at all. 🙂 As they are an infinity cowl, the fabric is sewn as a big long tube, finished by some hand slip stitch so you don’t see any seams.

IMG_0566Smiles better?

For my second attempt, I purchased full fat quarters from Spotlight. This worked better except for the fact that the ‘fat quarters’ varied wildly in size so some alteration of the pieces were required. I was very happy with this one. 🙂 It still doesn’t seem as big as the one on Shannon’s tutorial but at least I can double wrap it. I’ve used this many times to keep my neck warm and add a bit of flair to an outfit. 🙂

If you’re looking for a quick and easy (and of course stylish) sewing project, definitely try one of these. I give it a big thumbs up. 🙂

P.S. I’ve knitted myself a cowl also, just need to take some pics so I can blog. And I haven’t forgotten about my Renfrews!


2 thoughts on “FOs: Patricia Cowl in two forms

  1. VickyC says:

    Love the Cowl! You also did one in the lifecycle “leftovers”? How did that turn out? Want to make just the cowl, but hate to buy the whole book – might you share your success? thanks Vicky on Camano Island WA

    • anneofjulie says:

      Hi Vicky! Thanks for reading! I haven’t worked much on my Lifecycle leftovers cowl. I should really dig it out. I’m a bit like a magpie, I chase the shiniest new pattern and swap to that! I’m sure I’ll get back to eventually. I’ll be sure to post when it’s done. 🙂

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