FO Friday

Hello and welcome to my first FO Friday!

I have two items for you, one of them being a WIP from Wednesday!

First up, my ‘A Loved Thing’ by Caitlin ffrench. I found this pattern free on Ravelry.

IMG_0589I used yarn I picked up for $2 a skein at a local cheap shop. I was stunned to find three skeins of a what looked like vintage Patons Husky 100% wool 12 ply yarn just sitting there. They were all the same dye lot number so I snatched them up.

IMG_0590The colour is coming out pretty true in the pictures. Probably more so in the first picture. It didn’t take much time at all to knit up and is a lovely lace pattern. I particularly like the way the two horizontal and vertical lines veer off into a triangle on each side. 🙂



It’s a little small for me to wear sadly. The 12 ply bulky yarn makes it too stiff to drape easily too so I’m a little bummed about that. I do have some yarn left so I’m thinking of unpicking the bind off and continue the ribbed pattern to use up the yarn and make it a bit bigger. See my Ravelry notes here.

Next up is my Made-by-Rae Lickety Split bag I blogged in my WIP post on Wednesday.

Photo 4-10-2013 3 12 17 pmI love this outside fabric so much! This is the second Lickety Split bag I’ve made so the construction was fairly straight forward. It takes a lot of edge stitching around the handles and top of the bag and I ran out of the nice silver thread I had for it so I had to do it in a darker contrast thread. Oh well, luckily my edge stitching is pretty good so its not such a big deal.

What’s everyone else making? I’d love to hear. 🙂





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