WIP Thursday (???)

Yes, okay, so I’m missing a few of my WIP Wednesdays and FO Fridays. What can I say? I’m lazy/busy/washing my hair? I dunno, things just get away from me. 🙂

I’ve only really been working on one project this week apart from getting things made for MyMuddlings brand launch party next weekend. The project I’m working on is the Alpinia Cardigan by Claire Slade.



Image by Claire Slade, taken from Ravelry.com

So far this is a very straight forward knit that is working up quite quickly. I’m using a yarn I got from Bendigo Woollen Mills called Neon, in the Neon Claret colourway. It’s a 100% wool in a dark reddy-purple with a strand of multicoloured yarn through it so it has a slightly variegated look to it when it’s knit. It’s a DK weight (8 ply). Here’s a pic of the yarn in balls:



Bendigo Woollen Mills are my first stop now when purchasing yarn. They have a pretty good range, are quality and have great prices. AND, if you spend over $50 you get free postage. Sweet deal! I’m very grateful to my friend H who put me onto them. She’s been to their actual factory outlet and this is on my list next time we drive to Melbourne! 🙂 The mill’s website can be found here. I’ve just purchased some of their Harvest yarn in the Laurel colourway to knit Alana Dakos’ (Never Not Knitting) newest pattern Sprig from her upcoming book Botanical Knits 2. But I digress… back to the Alpinia!

yarma_medium2I have chosen to make the 1X size and have added the optional extra eyelet section repeat as I’m of a larger bust and thought a longer yoke would be better for me. The yarn was very hard to photograph last night. It actually looks more like the colours of the yarn in balls rather than the pic of the cardigan. You can barely see the variegation of the extra colours in this picture! I started this two days ago and you can see how far I’ve come, it’s a pretty quick knit. I’m looking forward to wearing this one. We’ve had a very cold Spring so far so I’ll likely get quite a bit of wear out of this one before I have to put it away for summer.

What’s on your cutting table/needles? Leave a comment and let me know! 🙂


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