Knitting Goals


As knitting has become my primary craft, I thought I would talk about it first!

  1. KNIT FROM STASH – Having thoroughly cataloged my stash via Ravelry, I have 200 active items in my stash. And by active I mean they are still hanging around my house in some form, be it leftovers or brand new skeins. I also have 1,474 patterns in my Ravelry library. In 2015, my aim is to reduce my stash by knitting from yarn I already have and to knit patterns that I already own in my library. The exception being that I can buy new yarn or new patterns so long as I have finished any other WIPs and I am ready to cast on the new project straight away, and then finish it.
  2. HAVE A MAXIMUM OF 2 PROJECTS ON THE NEEDLES AT ANY ONE TIME – I am allowing myself to have one small and one large project on the needles at a time. I am through with having WIPs scattered around my house.
  3. BE MORE MONOGAMOUS – See (2) above.
  4. FINISH ALL WIPs – Again, see (2) above.

I figure, using what I have instead of buying more will assist with two of my main goals this year, one being to save money and the other being to declutter my home. I am participating in a lot of knit alongs (KALs) this year that will use stash yarn so that’s helpful.

The first one runs from 1st January to the 28th February and is being run by the Just One More Row Podcast girls, Brittany and Dana. This KAL is called the ‘Clean Slate Challenge’ and it challenges you to knit down your stash from yarn that has been there for more than 3 months. Thankfully, virtually all my WIPs are being knit from yarn that fulfills the criteria and I am focusing on finishing them first.

Then after that, my favourite yarn store Eat.Sleep.Knit (ESK) are running the equivalent of a KAL per month to earn yardage for their Yarnathon they run every year. The catch is the only eligible yarn you can use had to have been purchased from ESK. I have been through my stash and I think all but two of the KALs are covered from what I already own. I have completed my first KAL for the Yarnathon so I’ve got a good start.

If you’d like to keep up with my progress, you can find me on Ravelry as anneofjulie.

Tell me, what are your knitting goals for 2015?


2 thoughts on “Knitting Goals

  1. Andi says:

    Excellent goals! I’m with you and intend to knit more from my stash. While I do have more than one project on the needles, I am trying to focus on finishing up one at a time. Trying being the key word. Thank you for letting us know about the ESK KAL. I know I have some stash that will fit in with that one.

    • anneofjulie says:

      You’re welcome! It’s always nice to get some bonus yards in the Yarnathon! Good luck with knitting from your stash!

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