FO: The Black Death Shawl

One of my favourite podcasters is hanging up her microphone, and this is my tribute to her.


Sorry for the overblown picture. It was hard to photograph in my office’s lighting.

This podcast is the Electric Sheep Podcast. She has been on hiatus for quite a while and recently shared the news that she’s stepping away from her blog and podcast indefinitely. This pattern, Black Death, was written by Hoxton while recovering from a nasty infection in her leg, hence the morbid name.

I knit this in two days. Count ’em, two. For a 440 yard shawl. Granted I have been unwell and home for that time but still pretty impressive I think. 😉

This is a better indication of the colour.

This is a better indication of the colour.

This is a free pattern download on Ravelry. It is a very addictive and enjoyable knit. I have so many great and interesting knits on the go but I just couldn’t put this down. 🙂 It doesn’t even start with a garter tab, it’s that simple. 🙂 This is my first finished object for Down Cellar Studio’s Pig Skin Party 2015 too! I’m on the board! 😉

I cast off last evening and immediately sent it for a bath so I could block it and wear it today. I used Dream in Colour Classy (old base) for this one. I wasn’t a fan of the yarn I have to say. It was very stiff and little hard on the hands. It’s softened a little after a wash but still a bit coarse. I wouldn’t buy this base again. Not sure what the new base is like, I haven’t purchased any more but I believe it is supposed to be softer. I was a little concerned with the amount of dye that came out too:


Hopefully there will be no transfer whilst wearing it. And I’d better be careful not to get it wet while wearing it!

The pattern suggests blocking it aggressively so that’s what I did:


I really wish I had some blocking wires. That way I’d get those points in a straight line! 😉

So there you go. My marathon effort for this week! Find my project page here.


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