WIP: Flax Light Pullover 

Hey everyone! Just a quick post for today.

If you watch my new video podcast, (search MyMuddlings on YouTube) my upcoming episode (if it ever uploads; but that’s another story) mentions working on a project for the Royal Adelaide Show. Well, I’m not writing about that, ‘cos I’ve changed my mind! 😄

I am now knitting the Flax Light pullover by tincanknits for said Show. Here’s my progress so far:


I started this on Saturday night. Ripped it back to the ribbing on Sunday and have been working on it almost monogamously ever since.

I am knitting it on my HiyaHiya Sharps interchangeables, and in Knit Picks Stroll Tonal in the now discontinued (sob!) colourway Shale.

The reason for the ripping out was that the hand painted yarn was pooling as I knit. I knew I should have alternated skeins but kept kidding myself  that it looked okay. Anyway, I’m alternating now and I’m glad I took the time to rip and reknit.

So I have two weeks from tomorrow to get this finished. And fingers crossed it fits as I’m playing a bit fast and loose with my gauge… Wish me luck! 😄


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