Renewed Mojo to Blog

Hey everyone! Long time no see (Write? Read?)!’

I have been suffering with the want to write but the lack of desire to sit and do it. I am currently writing from the sofa while hubs watches ‘The Force Awakens’. I finally realised that I can use my bluetooth keyboard with my iPad and still enjoy watching something whilst I type. It’s actually quite easy. Although, I may begin to type the dialogue I’m hearing if I’m not careful! 😀

If you’re a follower of this blog you might have seen that I’ve recently imported a whole bunch of posts from my podcast’s blog as I’m trying to consolidate everything into one site. I figure it’s easier for people looking for me to find me at just one address. I still have the podcast site live for the moment but I’ll probably delete it at some stage as I’ve already copied everything over.

Anyways, this is just a short post to announce I’m back and that I intend to post pretty regularly. If you’re unaware of my podcast, you can find me on YouTube talking mainly about my knitting, crochet, spinning and my shop. I started dyeing yarn back in September so that’s been awesome fun and my customers projects are starting to pop up on Ravelry and social media so that’s amazing. Alright, I’ll leave it here. I’m going to start two draft posts after this so there’ll at least be those two coming. 😉 

Here’s to an awesome new year.

J x


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