Overwhelm? Or the paralysis of choice? Possibly both.

I don’t know about you but I am the type of personality to get overwhelmed quite easily. Probably because of my long history with anxiety, I figure. And something that seems to be a manifestation of it is that I’m experiencing a dip in motivation for my knitting. Perhaps it’s the long summer? Perhaps it’s the recent rearrangement of my craft room, opening up and revealing its secret stashes and the amount of yarn it really holds. I find myself in front of the TV in the evenings, which was previously my favourite time of day; being able to relax with my favourite craft, guilt-free but I have no desire. Well, maybe not no desire, however it seems the mind is willing but the body is weak. I’ve even tried to give the ol’ mojo a kickstart with some new projects and designs but it ain’t working.

And honestly, I think it comes from feeling overwhelmed at my stash. Ironic, right? Shouldn’t I be feeling inspired and excited about the potential sitting on the shelves and in the bins? Definitely. But is it the reality? Heck no!

During my recent craft room shake up, the sheer amount of yarn while not surprising, as I’m pretty on top of what I have, was a reality check. I live in a small house. I have the luxury of a craft room due to a considerate and supporting husband and our decision to not procreate. And on top of that reality check, I’ve realised I’ve spent A LOT of money on gorgeous yarns that no longer thrill me. But I don’t want to let them go. And some of the yarns have been impulse buys that had no project attached. But I loved them in the moment. Impulse control has never been my strong point.

I also have many sweater quantities of yarn in heavier weights; something I’ve realised doesn’t suit my lifestyle (a work-at-home yarn dyer) and isn’t really required in my part of the world. Heavy sweaters are only really required for going out of the home to stay outside or on the few and far between super-cold days in Adelaide winters. It’s pretty rare I wear one, usually opting for the lighter fingering weight cardigans and sweaters in my wardrobe. The heaviest I’m willing to entertain at this point is a DK weight.

Yesterday I watched my friend Michelle’s podcast, where she spoke at length about a book she’s reading, ‘The Year of Less’ by Cait Flanders (I got a Kindle version here for < $2). I started reading last night and have to say, I’m hooked and inspired. Unfortunately I’m not a single woman who has free reign over my belongings. I have to be accountable to my husband. Also, a lot of our excess possessions are his anyway, and he’s still stuck in the notion that he is his things. It’s a hard one for me as I’d happily give away all I own and start at zero and be mindful of what I bring in.

So there you go. Some mind-barf of things I’ve been thinking of late… I will likely be writing more about the book and thoughts I have about it and anything I’m able to implement into my own life. Let me know if you have any advice or suggestions on how to be more mindful in spending money and bringing things into your houses. And if you have any thoughts on how to encourage a hoarding partner to release stuff, DEFINITELY let me know. 😉

J x


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