About my Etsy store

The shop was born of my discovered love for sewing with bright, quirky prints. I purchased my first sewing machine back in January 2013 with a view to making my own clothing and accessories. I learned quickly, establishing a level of quality that made me confident to offer my products to family and friends, which were well received. Many of my family and friends suggested selling my products which led to me opening my Etsy store in mid-2013.

In early 2013 I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and anxiety. Although suffering with these issues since teenage-hood, I had never sought treatment before. This bout with the ‘black dog’ was more severe than I’d ever experienced and as such, I was forced to give up my full-time day job to focus on recovery.

As part of this recovery, I found that my creating, whether sewing or knitting or any of my other myriad crafts went a long way to helping to ease my mind, and give me a sense of productivity and accomplishment. Having this store as a place to share my joy with others, and that others enjoyed what I was creating was a great feeling.

This store helps me to support my family whilst caring for my mental and emotional health.

Almost four years later and I’m doing well with my mental health, with a renewed energy for life and my handmade business. In September of 2016 I began dyeing yarn and fibre and it has brought me so many new friends and so much joy. I’d love for you to join me in my joy over at the Etsy store.

In March 2017 the name of the store was changed from MyMuddlings to Lovebird Lane Yarns.