About Me

My name is Julieanne and I live in Adelaide, South Australia with my husband Simon, our non-hooman children, a dog named Granger and a lovebird named Marion, and our housemate Chris.

I am a craft lover with my energies focused primarily on knitting and weaving amongst (many) others. I hand-dye (and sell!) yarn under the brand of Lovebird Lane which can be found here.

I am embarking on a no-spend* year in 2020, in an attempt to save a deposit to enable my husband and I to purchase our first home. I am continually working toward a simplified, decluttered home and a simpler way of living.

I am the host of the Lovebird Lane Podcast on YouTube, and I can be contacted via email at hello@lovebirdlane.com.

Please join me as I muddle my way through.

J xx


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