Renewed Mojo to Blog

Hey everyone! Long time no see (Write? Read?)!’

I have been suffering with the want to write but the lack of desire to sit and do it. I am currently writing from the sofa while hubs watches ‘The Force Awakens’. I finally realised that I can use my bluetooth keyboard with my iPad and still enjoy watching something whilst I type. It’s actually quite easy. Although, I may begin to type the dialogue I’m hearing if I’m not careful! 😀

If you’re a follower of this blog you might have seen that I’ve recently imported a whole bunch of posts from my podcast’s blog as I’m trying to consolidate everything into one site. I figure it’s easier for people looking for me to find me at just one address. I still have the podcast site live for the moment but I’ll probably delete it at some stage as I’ve already copied everything over.

Anyways, this is just a short post to announce I’m back and that I intend to post pretty regularly. If you’re unaware of my podcast, you can find me on YouTube talking mainly about my knitting, crochet, spinning and my shop. I started dyeing yarn back in September so that’s been awesome fun and my customers projects are starting to pop up on Ravelry and social media so that’s amazing. Alright, I’ll leave it here. I’m going to start two draft posts after this so there’ll at least be those two coming. 😉 

Here’s to an awesome new year.

J x


2015 Blog Performance in Review 

I just got a nifty email from WordPress detailing my blog in 2015. It was really interesting to see my most popular posts and stats. If you’re a stat nerd too, you can check it out here!

Thanks for sticking with me this year! See you in the next one. 😘

Gosh, it’s been a while…

So, hi there. My name is Julieanne and this is my blog.

Haven’t been around much lately. Not really had much to say. Life rolls on and certain things get forgotten.

Still making. Still trying to improve. Not achieving many goals but still plugging along, and isn’t that the most important thing?

I want to start getting back into the swing of blogging so watch this space. My primary focus of self-care involves not putting too much pressure on myself so I can’t guaranteed how soon or how often. But I think of you all a lot.

Take care,

J x

Changes afoot.

Hello my lovely followers!

Wow, have I been sporadic in 2014! There are many factors that have added up to this blog fade and I’m not going to go into all of them here but thought I would have a bit of a discussion about where I’d like to go with this blog in 2015 and things that have been on my mind over the recent months.

As you can see, I have changed the layout theme of the blog to something a little more simple and clean. The cutesy layout of my previous theme just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. My path this year is moving towards a cleaner, fresher life so why shouldn’t my blog mirror that? You might have also noticed that I have changed my tagline from ‘A beginner, teaching herself how to sew and knit’ to ‘Muddling though life with creativity’ and this is because I feel I would like to expand this blog to include other areas of my life apart from the sewing and knitting.

It has always been in my mind that I want to continue this blog but coming up with the motivation to write a blog post has been hard. 2014 was the hardest year of my life so far and it’s hard to focus on seemingly frivolous things such as clothes when you’re worried about keeping a roof over your head, the lights on and food on the table. I’ve still been creating despite the various setbacks that 2014 brought but just couldn’t find the motivation to photograph the projects and then write a post about them. At this stage of the year, 2015 looks to be doing a complete 180 turn from last year and that’s made me more inspired and motivated to start sharing with you all again.

I didn’t do a lot of sewing last year that was clothing. This is mostly due to the fact that we moved in February 2014 and in the new house with a new layout I have yet to find a comfortable, convenient place to cut out pieces of fabric for clothes. I can easily cut pieces for the bags that I sell, but larger clothing parts has been very hard and frustratingly I am unable to find a suitable place to do it. I’ve tried the kitchen bench, the floor and even where I used to cut, our dining room table, but in it’s new position it is far too difficult as I cannot move all around it anymore. Things are looking up though, as my husband has a new desk for his computer and his old desk is a lovely, large, rectangular table that is a nice, convenient height for cutting fabric so I have appropriated it. So, once it’s set up, it will much easier for me to cut and therefore sew clothing.

And as I mentioned in the title of this post, there will be changes to this blog and that mainly involves the subject matter. Posts will no longer be strictly about my handmade wardrobe. I am embarking on a new and positive journey in my life with a new job, a new way of eating and a simpler way of living and I’d like to talk about it, discussing my successes and set backs alike.

So I hope you stick with me, as I appreciate each and every one of you who reads this blog regularly. I will be keeping up with the podcast, but posts may be once a month rather than the fortnightly podcast I was intending, with more time dedicated to this blog and improving other areas of my life. I will be doing a few posts in the coming week about the goals I am hoping to achieve in the various areas I’ve mentioned above so you can find out more about what I’m going to be discussing here.

Thanks for reading and sticking with me through this last year of irregularity and I hope you enjoy the posts to come.

Julieanne xx



Sorry for the silence folks. It is not because I haven’t been busy, it’s because I haven’t made anything relevant to this blog for some time.

I created this blog, and a lot of you I’m sure follow because of the clothing that I was making on a regular basis. Due to my work on my bags and amigurumi for my Etsy store, making clothing for myself has kind of gone on the back burner. I have been knitting, but no sewing of clothing of late. My time during the day is spent on orders and stock items for my store, and I didn’t create this blog to necessarily share those things, it was for the clothing and my handmade wardrobe. Of course I encourage you to follow on with my handmade bags and toys via my Facebook page, or my Etsy store (button in the sidebar or here) if you’re interested in those things but I want this blog to remain mostly what I’m making for my own wardrobe.

Having a completely handmade wardrobe is still something I aspire to, but due to other paid orders for my bags etc and also my not having an outside the home job, time and funds are scarce. I am also actively trying to lose weight (separate blog here if you’re interested) and as such, I am a bit loathe to spend time and fabric (especially some beautiful stuff I got with birthday money) on clothes that I may only get to wear for a short time.

And finally, having said all that, there are at least three to five items I have on my mind that I hope to be making shortly. I’ve decided that I miss creating my own clothes and that I want to carve out some time and use up some fabrics from my stash to do so. These are:

  • Colette Zinnia ver 1 skirt – I was able to buy some black rayon shirting to make this from with birthday money. I want to make one just like Sarai’s here. I have printed and assembled the pattern ready to cut the fabric.
  • Colette Ginger skirt, ver 3 waistband – I have some black and white fabric I bought op-shopping on my honeymoon that I want to make this from. I still have my pattern from my previous make so I’m ready to cut the fabric.
  • By Hand London Polly top (a free pattern, oh yeah!) – Just printed the pattern ready to assemble. I’m not sure which fabrics I’ll use for this one, it doesn’t use a lot so I guess I’ll just dig through and see what I can find.
  • 2 x Sewaholic Renfrew tops – I got some nice jersey in black and green with a Spotlight voucher I received for my birthday. I’ve decided I found the fit on ‘my size’ (based on my measurements) to have a little too much ease for my liking so I’m going to go down a couple of sizes for these two makes. This way I can wear them longer even if I lose weight. I will be making the short sleeve variant, with the scoop neck option. Oh yeah, my overlocker got serviced and they managed to get perfect tension! Yay! So we’ll see how I go on these items.

I also have a couple of knitted sweaters that I have yet to blog about so I just need to take photos and I can talk about those. There are some fun things on the horizon so stay tuned! 🙂