Video Podcast Episode 23 – Blathering

UPDATE: The Amelia Beret is now available on Ravelry here. So excited! 😀


  • New video camera! Sony Handycam HDR-CX405 – I hope it improves the podcast; please let me know!
  • 2017 Stash Down going on in the Ravelry board
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Finished Objects

  • PussyHat Project by Kat Coyle pattern page, my project page
  • MyMuddlings Aran in ‘Get Your Hands Off My Pussy!”
  • 137 yards
  • 5mm (US8) 32″ generic circular
  • Amelia Beret by me pattern page, my project page
  • Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton 8 ply in Latte
  • 129 yards
  • 4mm (US6) & 4.5mm (US7) 17″ generic circulars and 4mm (US7) DPNs

Works in Progress




Video Podcast Episode 22 – I’m Melting!


Finished Objects

  • Duotone Cowl by Orange Flower Yarn pattern page, my project page
  • Voolenvine Yarns Smitten DK in Black Pearl and Jilted Rose
  • 415 yards
  • 5mm (US8) 17″ generic circulars
  • Amelia Beret Test my project page
  • Gynx Yarns Merino DK in Experimental Dye Lot 40
  • 140 yards
  • 4mm (US6) & 4.5mm (US7) 17″ generic circulars and 4mm (US7) DPNs

Works in Progress

  • Diagonal Crochet Blanket AKA Crazy / Ugly / Beautiful my project page
  • Various sock yarn scraps – see project page for a full list
  • Morning Mist by Annie Rowden pattern page, my project page
  • Knit Picks CotLin in Linen and Pomegranate
  • Early Autumn by Alana Dakos pattern page, my project page
  • Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 4 ply hand dyed by me using Greener Shades dyes
  • Goomy Socks my project page
  • Bergère de France Goomy 50 in Imprim Azur (purchased from Love Knitting here)



  • Amelia Test Knit
  • Leonie Dawson’s Planners available here
  • Bullet Journalling here

FO: Duotone Cowl

This is seriously one of my most favourite FOs for a long time. 😀


This is the Duotone Cowl by Orange Flower Yarn. It is a fairly simple pattern but the ultimate beauty of it is the yarn. The precious, precious yarn. Voolenvine Yarns Smitten DK.

I’d had the two skeins of yarn in my stash for a while. They colourways are Jilted Rose (the soft burgundy/pink) and Black Pearl (the darker purple grey). The Smitten DK base is an 80/10/10 Merino, cashmere, nylon. So it’s super soft. 🙂 It’s my first time using a yarn with cashmere in it and now I know why people love it so much! I picked this pattern for the yarn pretty much straight away but I fiddle-faddled about it. I went from thinking it was the perfect pattern for the yarn to thinking it was too simple and not ‘good enough’ for the gorgeous Voolenvine Yarns. If you know anything about Voolenvine Yarns, you know that it’s super hard to get. Kristen is a one-woman show and dyes as much as she can every week but it will literally sell out in minutes. You can be cart-jacked (items you’ve added to your cart being sold before you can purchase) very easily. So I wanted to do justice to Kristen’s beautiful dye work. In the end, my need to cast on the Voolenvine was too much so I went ahead and cast on for this cowl. And I’m so glad I did. I ADORE this cowl. As I said on Instagram, I think I want to divorce my husband and marry this cowl, lol.

This pattern is free on Ravelry so I’m not giving away any secret sauce here. The cowl is knit as a tube with a suggested provisional cast on. Although I’m usually pretty good with a provisional cast on, I tried it twice for this cowl and it just wasn’t working, so I used a long tail cast on. My lack of success with the provisional cast quite possibly could have been due to a) my rushing the first time because I needed to catch a bus and b) the second time I was on the bus, lol. 😉 No matter, I’m very comfortable with grafting from a cast on edge so I just long tailed it. You can barely see where it’s joined and once the cowl is blocked it’ll likely disguise it even more. The only giveaway is you can feel a small ridge where the cast on is. But no one is going to SEE it. There are two different sections to the cowl as you can see by the above picture. Halfway you switch the colours that are working the thicker and thinner stripes. The pattern calls for 15 repeats (I think?) of each section but I did 18 because I had the yarn. Due to my gauge I’m glad I did because it’s quite a snug cowl. But it’s a perfect size. This project is perfect. I love it so!


Details: Knit on 5mm (US8) generic 17″ circulars. I used 210 yards of Black Pearl and 205 yards of Jilted Rose for a total of 415 yards. My Ravelry project page here.

I loved knitting this so much I want to use up all my DK and worsted yarn and make a ton of these. 😉 You might just find some crazy lady on a random Adelaide street corner handing out Duotone Cowls! lol

Have you been lucky enough to nab some Voolenvine Yarns? Do you struggle to find good enough projects for your precious yarn? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

J x

Video Podcast Episode 21 – Flamin’ Birds


Finished Objects

  • Amelia Beret Prototype #1 my project page
  • My own handspun from Hilltop Cloud Time Traveller Fibre in Illuminated Manuscript (merino, alpaca, silk and stellina)
  • 134 yards
  • 3.75mm & 4mm generic 16″ circular
  • Amelia Beret Prototype #2 my project page
  • 136 yards
  • 3.75mm & 4mm generic 16″ circular

Works in Progress


  • Illuminated Manuscript 2 ply handspun my project page
  • 200 yards of worsted weight
  • Tiddly Bits 2 ply handspun my project page
  • Treadle Handspun Yarns on Etsy
  • Sleeping Beauty spinning wheel
  • Mary Knox owns the website An identification guide to New Zealand Spinning Wheels and their makers here

Call for testers

  • I’m looking for 5 or so testers for my Amelia Beret pattern. Please see the thread in the Ravelry to see the details and how to apply.

WIP Wednesday: Pomme de Pin Cardigan

This story is the knitting equivalent of ‘A Tale of Two Cities’… “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” Only really it should be “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, and then it was the best of times again”. ‘A Tale of the Two Pomme de Pins’. 😉

I have knit this pattern once before back in 2015 and I was in love. The pattern is lovely to knit, and I loved the yarn I used (although no longer in my preferred wardrobe colour palette). Here it is:


Not a great pic but she was gorgeous

I loved it so much. I wore it over and over for the first week before I’d even given it a wash and block. The arms were the perfect length, it was long enough to almost cover my butt and it was beautiful. I thought that after that week of continual wear I should probably give it its first bath. The yarn it was knit in was KnitPicks Wool of the Andes Sport and I’m well aware that that yarn is a fabulous felter so I was being extra gentle. I washed it in lukewarm water, no agitation, a small amount of gentle swishing followed by a gentle squeeze out. You can see where this is going, right? As I usually do, I popped the cardigan into a delicates bag and put it into the washing machine to have a spin (on the lowest speed setting), as I have done a million times before (well, it feels like it! 😉 ) with all different types of yarn, both superwash and non-superwash, and guess what (you’ve already figured it out right?) it shrunk and felted slightly. It was now too small for me to wear. The armholes were far too small for me. I was crushed. It had been my favourite knit to that point, and now it just made me sad to look at it. 😦

So, of course I vowed to try again. I almost immediately jumped onto KnitPicks to see what they had in the way of sport weight superwash yarns (I wasn’t risking that again!!!) and I found that my only option was to get some bare Stroll Sport. At this point I didn’t know how to dye yarn so I purchased 7 skeins of the yarn along with a Greener Shades starter set. I used one of the skeins to test different dye formulas but I couldn’t settle on one. So I put the whole lot away for over a year.

At the end of 2016 I created a colourway called ‘Wisteria Arbour’. I had it. This was my colour. So I dyed up my 6 remaining skeins in this colourway and I used the project as my Christmas Eve cast on. I was worried slightly that the colourway would be too variegated for the lace in the pattern but I needn’t have concerned myself. As an Instagram friend commented, it seems I have the perfect mix of colour and pattern:

I just love this. It’s all I hoped for and more. And I can’t wait for it to be completed and for the cold weather to come around again. I’m gonna wear the crap outta this cardigan. 🙂

Have you ever had a disaster happen to a beloved hand knit? Let me know in the comments.
Pattern: Pomme de pin by Amy Christoffers (US$7.00 Ravelry download)

Video Podcast Episode 20 – 2017!


  • 20,381 yards knitted
  • 95 yards crocheted
  • 11,436 yards spun
  • 2017 Stash-Down-Along in the Ravelry Group here

Finished Objects

  • Baby Branches by Alana Dakos pattern page, my project page
  • Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic 5 ply, hand dyed by me
  • 1,153 yards
  • 4mm generic circular
  • Vanilla socks my project page
  • Kathy’s Fibres Sock Yarn Superwash BFL/Nylon in Sea Anemone
  • 309 yards
  • 2.5mm HiyaHiya Sharps 9″ circular
  • Knitted Necklace Recipe by Briony Singleton of Gradient Yarn Australia here, my project page
  • Kathy’s Fibres Sock Yarn Superwash BFL/Nylon in Sea Anemone – 96 yards
  • Knit Cozy Silky Sock in Starbucks Orange Spice Iced Coffee – 83 yards
  • Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Centennial Park – 95 yards
  • 5mm Knit Picks Majestic DPNs
  • Mary Margaret’s Lace Tam by Mary Craver pattern page, my project page
  • MyMuddlings Fingering in Wisteria Arbour
  • 220 yards
  • 3.25mm & 4mm generic circular

Works in Progress

  • Diagonal Crochet Blanket AKA Crazy / Ugly / Beautiful my project page
  • Various sock yarn scraps – see project page for a full list
  • Pomme de Pin by Amy Christoffers pattern page, my project page
  • Knit Picks Bare Stroll Sport, hand dyed by me in my Wisteria Arbour colourway
  • Table Lace Placemat by Coats Design Team pattern page, my project page
  • Handspun yarn purchased from my local guild stall at the Royal Adelaide Show 2014
  • Snowflake by Tin Can Knits pattern page, my project page
  • 4 Seasons Pure Wool 8 ply in 72


  • Hilltop Cloud Time Travellers Club November 2016, Illuminated Manuscript

Shop Update

  • MyMuddlings Etsy Store
  • 2 x ‘Wisteria Arbour’ on Fingering
  • 2 x ‘Winterfell’ on Bamboo Sock
  • 2 x ‘Beating Heart’ on DK
  • 3 x knitted necklaces as previously talked about

FO Friday: the Mary Margaret Tam


I love this pattern. 😀

I first saw this on the Yarngasm Vlogmas 2016 videos. Kristin knit hers from a lovely pinky-mauve Quince & Co yarn. I was so taken with the lace pattern, and I love the look of tams so I knew I had to cast one on. This hat was inspired (copied?) from the pattern of a hat worn by the character Mary Margaret from ‘Once Upon a Time’ and it was written by Mary Craver.

I had some of my own yarn left from a recent make in my most favourite of my colourways so far, ‘Wisteria Arbour’. It’s a lovely tonal mix of lilac, purple and grey. I was slightly worried about there being too much variation in colour to show the lace but it’s just gorgeous. I was definitely wrong. 😉 I noticed that a lot of people had complained on Ravelry that the hat was too big as written. So I cast on 140 stitches for the brim then increased to the full 168 stitches before starting the lace. However, when I knit it again, I think I’ll just continue at 140 stitches.

The hat is really addicting and I have loved knitting it. I can definitely see myself knitting another one. Especially if it suits me well. I have a history of wearing berets and a tam is much the same so I’m sure it’ll look great. Kristin’s looks awesome on her. Especially with her dark hair.

Details: Knit on 3.25mm & 4mm generic 17″circulars. I used 220 yards of MyMuddlings Fingering in ‘Wisteria Arbour’. Gauge of 6 stitches per inch. My Ravelry project page here.

A lovely pattern that’s a free Ravelry download. What’s not to love about that?

What’s your favourite hat style to wear? Let me know in the comments. 🙂