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Hahndorf Shopping

While in Hahndorf today, we stopped back into a store I lusted over the other day. I wanted a couple things then, but didn’t get them. We went back today and S encouraged me to get them. The store is called Storison and if you’re ever in Hahndorf, you should definitely stop in. I could practically squeal at the pretty and cute! 🙂

I believe they’re all by South Australian designers. At least the earrings & bird pin are.

The t-shirt was hanging up out the front of the shop and I was convinced it wouldn’t be there when I returned but there it was! Only one too. 🙂 I love the stag motif.

The bird brooch is totally awesome. It’s a wooden (I think) cut out with vintage wallpaper. The lady at the shop said the Delilah Devine stuff is all quite unique because once all of a certain pattern is sold out, there are no more as they are all vintage bits and pieces.

The Fleeci earrings are perfect for when I chop all my hair off next week. They’ll be visible and pretty. 🙂

Another awesome tale from Storison; the lady there saw my tote bag I made (the babushka/love bird/owl one) and said the owner would likely buy them to on sell! Now, wouldn’t that be fun! 🙂

Honeymoon Op Shopping Part Two

So, last night I decided that there were some patterns that I should have picked up yesterday. So… we trekked back today and got ’em. With interest!

I mostly wanted to go back for a lingerie pattern set and a long pinafore dress pattern. But got sooo much more! Even though I had looked through the patterns only yesterday, I found many more. They were only 50c each at this particular shop so I went mad! 🙂

These are the two I went back for:

I really want to make the pinafore dress for winter. I’m thinking of maybe not sewing up the front but adding a zip so I can use it as more of an overcoat (dress?).

These were the ‘interest’ at the same store:

More lingerie (I really wanna try it!) and some 70’s outfits. Not sure I’ll wear the one on the right but it’s nice to have for novelty value. The lady at the shop said she used to own the lingerie pattern and that it’s super easy to make so that’s encouraging.

I also got a couple of bits of fabric, one at the hubby’s urging. Can you guess which one? 😉

I originally saw the white with blue flowers yesterday but didn’t get it as the fabric is quite an unusual type. It’s almost like a tablecloth with an open, loose weave. I don’t think I could make any clothes from it, but I could make bags or cushion cases out of it. S wanted me to grab the bright flowery one. He said I could make bags out of it. I guess he’s right. It’s some sort of a knit with a very fine fleecy back.

The other store we went to today was also one that we visited yesterday. 🙂 I saw a pattern I wanted to go back for. Earlier in the day is said to S that I wanted a cape for winter and guess what? Found a pattern. 😉

I really like the version C of the capes. It’s the top live-model picture with the buttons. 🙂 The other pattern I would need to grade up as its only a size 10 so not sure if I’ll use it but again, it’s nice to have. 🙂

I also got some fabric at this shop:

The apricot coloured one is a thicker, bed sheet type cotton. The other is quite soft, perhaps a voile? Will make a lovely blouse. 🙂

Oh, and I also picked up an awesome cushion. It’ll go nicely with our green couch! 🙂


Honeymoon Op Shopping Part One

Today we decided to go for a drive around. We checked out a few op shops from Mt. Barker to Lobethal and mostly came up with nothing. Although, I think I may have blown all my luck on the first shop in Mt. Barker.

I looked through multiple boxes of sewing patterns and found an abundance of 80’s patterns, but not really the ‘good’ 80’s. 😉 I found a couple of 70’s patterns but nothing I would wear. Plus I’d have to grade the patterns up so not worth my effort for something I wouldn’t wear.

I did end up with a couple bits of fabric (both decent sized at 2.5m long) and a vintage Oroton handbag. Happy with that. Might make the new Colette Patterns Laurel dress with solid white flower fabric. 🙂