Megan Nielsen Fest!!!

Check out the new additions to my pattern library that arrived yesterday! Three patterns from Megan Nielsen. 🙂

Photo 9-07-13 5 20 40 AM

The Tania culottes and the Cascade skirt (both from the Breakwater Collection) have been getting a lot of positive reviews all over the internet. A couple of my favourites being Katy of Sleek Silhouette’s Stripey Cascade Skirt and Lauren of Lladybird’s Cascade Skirt. I love both of them and knew I had to make one of my own.

The culottes are a bit of a long story. Bear with me though. Would you believe one of the main reasons I decided to take up sewing was so I could sew myself culottes? As I am a larger lady with the bulk of me below the waist, I find that when wearing skirts in summer I can, ahem, chafe a little. Too much information??? 😉 My sister came back from her honeymoon with a divine light pink floaty pair of culottes she had made for her while she was away. I was so jealous! So when I saw Stacie’s and Winnie’s versions I knew I’d found my pattern. So great!

And finally, the Kelly skirt. Every time I see this skirt around the blogs it looks fantastic. All different body sizes and shapes rock this skirt. Did you see Joanne’s refashioned pillowcase Kelly? Amazing. And the pattern has pockets. I love me some pockets! 🙂 Gotta have somewhere to put the snotty tissues from my constantly running nose! What, too much information again??? 😉 I have the fabric already for this one. I purchased this gorgeous low pile velvet which is thicker like corduroy in a lovely magenta purple for a Colette Patterns Beignet but I’ve been scared off by the lining. I’ve never done one before and I’m afraid I’m going to chicken out of this one. For now. I’m sure I’ll make it as it’s also gorgeous! Did I ever mention how much I love Colette Patterns? 😉

You might have noticed my Hawthorn Sew Along button on my side bar. Yeah, about that… good intentions and all. I haven’t started. Yeah, so, ummm… look a squirrel!!! 😉

Also, the pic above is a sneaky peak of what’s on my cutting table next. I’m making another V1179 in a navy jersey. I’m currently pinning the fabric so it’s on grain when I cut. I also just purchased a massive 24 x 36 inch Olfa cutting mat and 45mm rotary cutter too. Can’t wait to crack those babies out!!!

What’s everyone working on at the moment?

Colette Patterns Hawthorn

Wasn’t I just extolling the virtues of Colette Patterns yesterday?

Well, today they have come out with their newest pattern, Hawthorn. SO DIVINE!!! I have already downloaded my copy and will be assembling sometime very soon so I can whip up a blouse (with a peplum, I die!) and the dress with longer sleeves for layering in winter.



Pictures taken from


FO: Colette Ginger Skirt

Let me start off by saying: “I LOVE THIS SKIRT!!!” 😀 I didn’t pick the right fabric but I love it anyway.IMG_0337

Before I start the description part, a pat on the back for me. I actually used the tripod to take pictures on the DSLR!!! 🙂 Go me! I’m not so great at the posing part (gonna do a thorough Google on poses for the larger lady) and I haven’t got any makeup on today and I’ve been wearing the skirt all day and it’s all creased but thems the breaks. The pics are better than iPhone selfies in a mirror! 😉 (Like a five-year-old “and… and… and…”) 😉


This is the Colette Ginger skirt. I love Colette Patterns and want to make ALL their things. 🙂

Now I adore this fabric. The retro feel is awesome. It’s a Montreal Drill from Spotlight which I picked up at 50% off the discontinued price. I got like 4 metres for $12. Bargain! I also have quite a bit left but as it’s drill, I can only really make skirts or pants out of it… Maybe I’ll make another skirt with a one piece front/back and a side zip. Any other suggestions for a drill material?

I’m sure everyone’s said it before but I’ll say it again, this skirt was a cinch to put together. With four panels and a waist band, it couldn’t be easier! 🙂 I cut a straight size 18 with no adjustments. I used view 3’s waistband as I didn’t like my chances at stopping the shaped ones from getting all bunched and ruining the look. Turns out I was right! 😉

I overlocked my seam allowances but I did them separately and open. Not sure if this is a legitimate way of finishing the seams or if you’re supposed to overlock them together and press to one side? My overlocker was playing silly buggers and I couldn’t get my tensions right. After it being perfect on my last few knit items it was very frustrating. I changed the thread to black and couldn’t get the tension back in. I finally got the front side looking nice but the back was weird loose loops… I’ll have to keep fiddling. Anyone have a failsafe method of adjusting an overlocker?


I used a ‘contrast’ (can it be called that as it’s also in blues?) fabric for the waistband facing. This was also a discontinued fabric at Spotlight at 50% off. $2.50 a metre, oh yeah! More retro fabric! 🙂 Again, sorry for the creases. I put the thickest  interfacing I have in that waistband and it’s still all creased. I think the next one I make I’ll reduce the waistband to half  the depth. I stitched the waistband down using the ‘stitch in the ditch’ method so you can’t even see the stitches on the right side. The line isn’t that straight from the inside but that’s okay. Only you and me are gonna see that! 😉

By the way the colour of the skirt is most like the above and below pics, in case you were wondering. 🙂


I don’t have an invisible zipper foot so I’ve just used a standard zipper (I trust them more anyway, never had an invisible zipper on any clothing that hasn’t broken!). I’m not sure what you call my method of installing a zip but I just basted the pieces together above the circle then sewed in the zip and unpicked the basting. Is this a lapped zipper? Or is that when the zip only has one side of fabric over it? This one is centred. Dunno, doesn’t matter. 😉 Unfortunately while installing the zip I oversewed the bottom (not sure how) and as I was a bit frustrated with the make (because of other things, not the pattern!) so I’ve just left it there. You can’t see it on the dark blue side so I’m not really worried. I was a bit disappointed by the positioning of the circles anyway so I can’t say this skirt is perfect. On that topic for a moment, I did try to match the circles at the middle front and back seams but the placement was fairly random and I just couldn’t manage it. I got frustrated and in the end decided to “Embrace the Randomness” (a line that has stuck with me, thanks Karen!).

Here’s how I styled it today, a bit frumpy but IT’S SO COLD today!!! 😉


And by the way, I’m not trying to be too cool for school with my glasses, I have Transitions lenses and they transitioned in the afternoon light. 🙂 Also in reality my top is a bit more blue than the purple that it’s coming up as.

So that’s my Colette Ginger. On my sewing table now I have my cut out pieces for a Simplicity Lisette Portfolio dress. Hopefully will start the sewing part soon. If I can put the knitting down that is!!! 🙂

FO: Vogue V1179

Okay so this has been finished for a little while but I have yet to post it. I know, I know, I’ve been very slack. I’ve had heaps going on in the background some I can share (keep reading) and some is a bit more personal but my good intentions are always there and I’m working really hard to be a bit more regular with my posts.

So this is my first Vogue V1179 (I say first because I already have fabric for my next one!):


Sorry about the facials, Mr MyMuddlings must have caught me whilst talking!

I’m sure you’ve all heard how comfy this dress is? There a so many all over the interwebs. I discovered this pattern while reading Karen’s blog. I think she’s made three now?

Anyhoo, I cut a straight size 20 with no alterations. I used a combed cotton jersey I purchased from Spotlight. This stuff ain’t cheap! I was surprised that most of the jerseys (100% cotton ones anyway) were all above the AU$15/m mark! I see the prices some of you guys pay o/s (like in London at the Walthamstow Market & Goldhawk Road! SO CHEAP!) and wonder why we don’t have those type of prices in Oz. I needed 3 metres of this stuff to complete the dress. I originally purchased 2.5 metres and found it wasn’t enough so I had to go back and buy more. Grrr. Thankfully they still had the end of my same bolt there so I purchased the lot. Looks like a Renfrew tee is in my future for summer!

I didn’t have any clear elastic so I just used twill tape to stabilise the shoulder and the selvedge of the fabric to bind the armholes. I used my new Singer 160 with a straight stretch stitch to construct and then my overlocker to finished the seams. I didn’t have a twin needle so I just used the same straight stretch stitch to hem the dress. Although I’ve read the armholes can be a bit high for some people, I don’t find them to be a problem.

The one thing I do have to rant about with this pattern is all those bloggers (Karen included!) that say this dress is quick to make. I don’t know how!!! Maybe it’s just my inexperience but from cutting to hemming (I’d traced the pattern a previous day and also pinned the fabric to keep it on grain) it took me about 8 hours to make. Plus pinning 3 metres of fabric (AGES!!!) = a very LONG make! Although, I suppose only two days worth of work. But not the one evening’s work, in-between cooking, getting kids to bed etc that others made theirs in. Ah well, I’m pleased with my effort and even more pleased with my comfy, cozy dress! Despite the work, I’m looking forward to making my second one out of the navy jersey I picked up also at Spotlight when they had their big sale a week or so ago for only AU$6/m. Although, I think I’ll make a size smaller next time.

So now to some background stuff.

You might have noticed that my blog is now a .com address! I’ve purchased my domain so I am now! 🙂 Yay! This is one of my first steps to building my blog and following my passion. PLUS, I have created my business card for my new Etsy store! I’m soon to pull back from my day job and spend more time focusing on all my handmade items. I’ve had so many people (both friends and strangers) see my stuff and tell me I should sell it and that they would buy it. I’m also looking into cottage industry licences to use other people’s patterns and beginning to design my own patterns and adapt ideas I’ve gathered from all over the internet. I’m starting small with bags and stuff first and hope to move onto designing my own clothes and hopefully selling them. It’s all very much in it’s infancy right now but the idea is there and it’s building everyday with new ideas. Nothing is in my store yet, but rest assured I will let you know when it is. Wish me luck!

P.S. Anyone in Adelaide know anywhere to get good, cheap-ish fabric? I’ll love you forever! 😉

A day of success!

So today I have successfully dyed a Renfrew (from latte to purple), started a Rustling Leaves beret  (successfully after frogging it five times) and made a Patricia cowl (which I made too short but it’s still cute). All will get their own post but I was just so chuffed that I thought I’d write a post. 🙂

If you’re wondering why I dyed my Renfrew, long story short I had a mishap with some Napisan. Full story to come.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Here’s to an awesome week of sewing/knitting/crafting! 🙂

My new lady :)

So, about 3 weeks back I discovered that Spotlight did weekly deals on their website that once sold out are all gone. The week I happened upon it was just the week where they were selling this half price:


Da ya think I’m sexy?

As soon as I saw this I wanted it. Half price Limited Edition Singer 160? Only $329 for this thing of beauty? That does one step button holes and has a vine stitch and is sex on a sewing table? Sign me up!

It wasn’t without consideration though. After all, money is a joint thing at MyMuddlings HQ. I started by asking Mr. MyMuddlings if there was anything for about $350 that he wanted. You know, something really special. The response was a suspicious “Why?”. 🙂 I showed him the machine and his initial response was a simple “No”. Cue sad me. I accepted that. I did have a machine that is virtually new and does the job respectably.

The next morning on his way to work I get “I’ll think about what I can get for $350”. Huh. Could she be mine after all? That night Mr. MM said I could have her and that he’d keep his equivalent $350 for when something else came up in the future for him to spend it on. She was all mine!!!

Then came the agonising wait for the deal to end and then for my beautiful new beast to be shipped to me. After about a week and a half this is what happened:


Oooooo shiny!

She’s beautiful but she’s bloody heavy!!! The same night I got her I finished my second Drunken Cushion Cover with her. So smooth. So quiet. I’m smitten! 😉 Since then I have made a Vogue V1179 & a Sewaholic Renfrew on her. Also Miss. S’ makeup bag from yesterday’s post. My little Elna 1000 is still in her place in my sewing cabinet. She will come in handy for when Miss. S & I start making our Mathilde blouses and Jenny skirts; we’ll have a machine each!

My plans for crafting this weekend involve making a Patricia Infinity Cowl tomorrow and perhaps some knitting tonight starting on my first actual proper project, the Rustling Leaves beret by Alana Dakos from the Coastal Knits pattern book. Looks like I’m set. What’s everyone making this weekend? 🙂


So things are going mad over here at MyMuddlings HQ. Lots of stuff going on in the background. Nothing really to report as yet but I’m excited!

I’ve made so many things that I haven’t had the chance to blog yet. This is mostly because I hate hassling Mr. MyMuddlings to take pics of me. And he always makes me smile. And only ever takes one picture. Apparently that’s sufficient lol. Off the top of my head I have made:

  • Sorbetto with cap sleeves
  • Miette wrap skirt
  • 2 x Renfrews
  • Vogue V1179

All since I last blogged about my clothes making. The cushion covers, tote bags and placemats are all easy to blog about because I don’t need to be wearing them when I take the pictures. I am hoping to invest in a tripod and wireless remote for my DSLR soon so I can take my own pictures and can pose/not smile all I want! 🙂 I’m really wanting to improve this blog as it’s a great way to showcase my passion and I’m hoping to develop things.

So to today’s efforts. I made my bridesmaid S a little clutch bag when I first started sewing which she loves and was using to store her nail polishes. Anyway, on the weekend she mentioned that she’d moved the nail polishes out of the clutch and replaced them with makeup and was wondered could make another clutch for her? I went one better and made her a makeup bag so her nail polishes could have their home back! 🙂 Only, I’ve now just remembered she wanted a pocket inside… oh well! Too late now! Here’s the bag:


I made this bag out of Pink Birds by Victoria & Albert by David Textiles, same as the fabric for my Drunken Cushion Cover and I purchased this at the same time from Fifi’s Fabricology. It is quite a wonderful print and I’m dying to make myself something out of it but I’m not sure what yet. Suggestions gratefully accepted! This is just a basic box bag, there’s tutorials all over the interwebs for them.


The lining you’ll recognise from my Mother’s Day Gifts. Here’s the pattern in flat, it’s really so kitchy and awesome and pink! Love it!


Picture: Fifi’s Fabricology

So, hopefully Miss S likes her new makeup bag even if it doesn’t have an internal pocket. 😉

I call it, my ‘Drunken Cushion Cover’!

So a while back I saw this awesome wine bottle fabric online. Being a bit of a lush it was love at first sight. It was called Cream Bottles, designed by the Victoria and Albert made by David Textiles for their The Grand Tour range:

263So many bottles of wine on the wall! (photo from Fifi’s Fabricology)

It was on sale. I put it in my cart, procrastinated, decided I shouldn’t spend the money and moved on. Over the next little while I kept thinking about that fabric. About how much I would like to make cushion covers for my sofa from it. I finally decided I wanted it and went back to buy it but NO! It had sold out in the meantime. I was resigned to giving up my dream of wine covered cushions…

Until I was scoping out the sale range on my new favourite quilting fabric website Fifi’s Fabricology. What did I see but my Cream Bottles!!! 🙂 The fabric was sold in 25cm units so I snapped up 4 units to make a couple cushion covers. Here is the result:

Drunken Cushion Cover

Fifi’s also has Pink Bottles, same fabric, pink background. Also check out the Pink Birds fabric also by Victoria and Albert – Love! Bought some of that too, but I digress… 😉

I followed a tutorial by Lauren from Guthrie & Ghani. Can you tell I’m a bit obsessed with her tutorials??? 😉 It has an envelope back that I made from the leftovers of the flowery blue and green fabric I used for my Mother’s Day Gifts (post here). It was very straight forward to make and I’m thrilled with the result. My dream of wine bottled cushions has come true. I have cut fabric for a second cushion cover which will feature the plaid blue and green fabric from Mother’s Day as it’s back. I will whip that one up in the next couple days. Then I’ll have to get cushions to fill them with. The cushion in the above pic is actually the green and brown embroidered one I thrifted on my honeymoon inside the cover. 🙂

For now I’m happy to keep it there as seeing all those bottles makes me happy! I can’t stop looking at it! Yay! Wine bottles!

Mother’s Day Gifts

Since I’ve been sewing, I’ve seen so many lovely things on the interwebs to make. Sometimes I cannot justify making them for myself as either I won’t use them, or I have heaps already. So what is one to do when you want to make lovely things but can’t justify them for yourself? You make them as gifts!

Mother’s Day was just this past Sunday and I handmade gifts for four mothers, my mum and S’s mum, step-mum & Grandma. Their gifts consisted of a tote bag, four placemats and a stuffed Babushka doll all made from free tutorials or patterns on the internet. I even made the gift tags with scrapbooking paper left over from the wedding. 🙂


So much pretty!

These pics were snapped real quick before I had to be off out to deliver two of them. The single placemat and Babushka doll is for Grandma. She’s now in a nursing home so a set of four placemats would kinda be overkill and a tote bag would be near useless to her. Also, I ran out of time and fabric! 😉

The tote bag was from a free Craftsy class called ‘Bag Making Basics: Reversible Tote & Zipper Pouch’ which is presented by Kristen Link, owner of Sew, Mama, Sew!. It is really simple to make but so lovely to have. Every time I use my Love Bird/Babushka Doll/Owl one I get comments asking if I made it and compliments on the fabric. Both mum’s that received theirs on Mother’s day were really pleased. S’s mum’s book bag is nearly dead so she was thrilled to have a replacement.

The placemats were from a tutorial by the lovely Lauren of Guthrie & Ghani and of Great British Sewing Bee fame. Seriously, watch this show if you haven’t and check out Lauren & Ayaz’s gorgeous haberdashery by following the link! The placemats seemed easy to begin with and they are but that rick rack can be a bitch!!! Especially the smaller stuff. I used two sizes. In the end it worked out pretty well and I was pleased with them. They were all slightly different sizes but following Karen’s advice (from Did You Make That blog) that the quirks (read: mistakes) are what truly makes it handmade. It shows the love. 🙂

Finally, the Babushka dolls were a free pattern from I Think Sew. They call them Matryoshka Dolls (link may or may not work, you need to sign in/up for the free patterns). They turned quite out nicely. My mum had an awesome idea to put lavender in them after assuming I had put it in and sniffing hers! 🙂

Overall pretty pleased with my presents. I think the recipients were too. 🙂 Got to make some pretty so that’s a plus!