MyMuddlings 2017 Stash-Down-Along

So the coming of 2017 has heralded the beginning of my first ever podcast -along! And I’m so excited about it! 😀

The inspiration for the -along came from my near heart attack inducing look at my stash via the exported spreadsheet from Ravelry. From memory, I have 118,000-odd yards in stash. At the time I worked out that at my 2015 rate of knitting completed, it would take me 4.75 years to knit through my stash. And that’s calculating at ˜24,000 yards per year of completed knitting! And I think that 24k yards per year isn’t too shabby! Of course, if I didn’t carry so many WIPs, my yardage might increase… 😉

So, with this in mind I decided that I desperately needed a yarn diet. Yuck. What a horrible thought. 😉 So my last purchase of yarn was from KnitPicks in late December when they had a sitewide 15% off sale. I gifted my mum and sister a MyMuddlings gift certificate (they’re available in the store too, check ’em out!), only the ones I gifted to my fam were for an item of their choice rather than a dollar value. So I ordered the yarn I needed for my mum’s gift, and also to make up my $100 free postage order, I grabbed myself a Flax Light quantity of Stroll Tonal in the Inverness colourway. I couldn’t stand the thought of not having that in my stash whilst I’m on my diet! Plus, of course I need another Flax Light for this winter!!! 😉

Enough tangents; back to the -along. Also FYI, I call it that because knitting, crochet, spinning and weaving are all eligible for the -along. Perhaps I should just call it the ‘Stash Down’. Yeah, I guess that works! 😉

The aim is to knit as much out of your stash* as possible (*stash must be acquired prior to January 1st 2017). I’ll be having two grand prizes at the end of the year, one for most yardage/meterage and one as a random prize. I’ve also had some prizes offered as donations too so they’ll be given out along with some of my products through the year. All the rules are on the Ravelry board if you’d like to join. 🙂 Each person has one FO post that they post all their completed projects in totaling up the yardage/meterage. We’re also having monthly challenges too for bonus yardage. And you also get bonus yardage for using our sponsors products in your projects. We’ve already got finished objects in the thread so we’re going gangbusters!!! 😀

If this sounds like your thing, please feel free to head over to the MyMuddlings Ravelry Group, join up and Stash Down! 😀