A darn sight better?

I have just begun an experiment. Nothing nefarious, and of course nothing on an unsuspecting being. Who’s the guinea pig you may ask? Well, it’s me.

A couple of days ago, I was watching a recent episode of my lovely virtual friend Michelle’s podcast, and she mentioned in passing that her husband is exercising his long vision when they go on their walks. Now, I’m assuming here but I think the idea came from a Katy Bowman book that Michelle is reading (Move Your DNA – correct me if I’m wrong Michelle!), and it was about how we are having an epidemic of sorts of short sightedness. We are constantly looking at screens close to our faces and spend so little time outside looking at far things that our eyes are adjusting.

Now, if you know me, I’ve probably worn glasses (and claimed to be blind – can’t see my husband clearly sitting next to me on the couch blind!)  for the entire time we’ve known each other (unless you’re my friend Jo who’s known me since I was 14 – I started wearing glasses for my long sightedness and headaches at 16). And if I wasn’t wearing glasses, I was for sure wearing contacts. Now that contacts are a luxury I can no longer afford (and if I can’t afford contacts I can’t afford Lasik – I can dream), I am stuck wearing a giant pair of plastic frames on my face day in day out. Don’t get me wrong, I love my glasses and feel super cute in them most of the time but sometimes it would really be nice to eschew them and go free-faced.

So circling back around, I am performing an experiment. I am taking off my glasses when I get home. I, of course, know my house enough to be able to get around and I can definitely tell the difference between Granger and Marion. 😉 I am attempting to go without them unless I’m driving or having to manoeuvre in public. Things are blurry but I know what they are. The worst obstacle I have is trying to read text on the the TV when we’re watching YouTube videos. I am writing this blog post sans  glasses. I think I feel an improvement already, but that could just be wishful thinking amidst the blur.

But on the plus side, my usually less than perfectly clean house looks a whole lot better in Vaseline lens.