Hahndorf Shopping

While in Hahndorf today, we stopped back into a store I lusted over the other day. I wanted a couple things then, but didn’t get them. We went back today and S encouraged me to get them. The store is called Storison and if you’re ever in Hahndorf, you should definitely stop in. I could practically squeal at the pretty and cute! 🙂

I believe they’re all by South Australian designers. At least the earrings & bird pin are.

The t-shirt was hanging up out the front of the shop and I was convinced it wouldn’t be there when I returned but there it was! Only one too. 🙂 I love the stag motif.

The bird brooch is totally awesome. It’s a wooden (I think) cut out with vintage wallpaper. The lady at the shop said the Delilah Devine stuff is all quite unique because once all of a certain pattern is sold out, there are no more as they are all vintage bits and pieces.

The Fleeci earrings are perfect for when I chop all my hair off next week. They’ll be visible and pretty. 🙂

Another awesome tale from Storison; the lady there saw my tote bag I made (the babushka/love bird/owl one) and said the owner would likely buy them to on sell! Now, wouldn’t that be fun! 🙂