Podcast Episode 36 – Self-striping Nightmare!


Finished Objects

Works in Progress

Shop Update

  • Lovebird Lane Etsy Shop
  • 2 x on Nyasa Aran
  • 2 x Mermaid on Fischer DK
  • 2 x Emerald Isle on Fischer DK
  • Self-striping will be incoming, hopefully next week

Video Podcast Episode 27 – Jumbled


Finished Objects

  • Snowflake by Tin Can Knits, my project page
  • 4 Seasons Pure Wool 8 Ply in 72
  • 431 yards
  • 3.25mm (US 3) & 4mm (US 6) needles

Works in Progress


  • Gemtree 3 ply, my project page
  • Fractal, worsted spun on Ashford Traveller wheel
  • 181 yards
  • Gemtree 2 ply (leftovers), my project page
  • 52 yards

Shop Update

  • MyMuddlings Etsy Shop
  • Polymer clay beads are now available as earrings!
  • New beaded jump ring stitch markers up in the store
  • ‘3pm’ is in the store on fingering base
  • Companion colour ‘3am’ is also in the store on bamboo sock

Shop Update – 25th January 2017

This week’s shop update will contain yarn, yarn and more yarn! I have a bunch of new colourways in pink and red for my first quarter theme. I was really pleased with the saturation of colour in these new colourways and I hope you love them too! 🙂

The first colourway was inspired by the women’s march on the 21st January 2017. I wanted a bright pink to knit myself a Pussy Hat so ‘Get Your Hands Off My Pussy!’ was created:

It’s layers of pink with a blush of purple. Of course it had to have purple. Have you met me?!! 😉

Next up, we have a sequel colour to my ‘Blushing Rose’ colourway. This is called ‘Wilted’:

It’s a similar colour and dye method, but it doesn’t have any pink but it has a yellow tint to it. Next time I’ll add a little more yellow. I thought ‘Wilted’ would be a fitting name for the previously ‘Blushing Rose’. 😉

‘Does Anybody Know How to Hold My Heart’ is a variegated pink and red. It has tiny splashes of purple and grey with a few black speckles:

This colourway was named after a song by Sara Bareilles, one of my favourite performers. ❤

And on the red track, may I present ‘Flame Trees’:

My second colourway named after a song. 😉 But a quick Google Image search for flame trees gave me all the colours found in this yarn; deep red, brown and red-orange.

And finally, ‘Chocolate Berries’:

The colours are exactly what the colourway name implies; purple, pink, burgundy with a milk chocolate brown. Yum! Is anyone else getting hungry…? 😉

So I hope you can join me at 7pm ACDT tonight! 😀

Video Podcast Episode 19 – Scatterbrained


  • This is my last podcast recording until 9th January
  • The MyMuddlings Etsy store will be staying open right through
  • Follow me on Instagram @anneofjulie or @mymuddlings or both!

Finished Objects

Works in Progress

  • Diagonal Crochet Blanket AKA Crazy / Ugly / Beautiful my project page
  • Various sock yarn scraps – see project page for a full list
  • I used the blog The Lazy Hobbyhopper to refresh myself on the method
  • Vanilla socks my project page
  • Kathy’s Fibres Sock Yarn Superwash BFL/Nylon in Sea Anemone


  • 2017 Stash-Down-A-Long – I’ll update the Ravelry boards with an FO thread and a chatter thread shortly along with the rules please follow my Instagram @anneofjulie for notification of this being done. x

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays and THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for watching!!! See you in 2017! 😀

Video Podcast Episode 18


  • Brief podcast hiatus over the festive period
  • Last podcast 19th December 2016 returning on 9th January
  • I will still be Instagramming so follow me there either by anneofjulie, mymuddlings or both!

Finished Objects

  • Dogwood by TinCanKnits pattern page, my project page
  • My own handspun from hand dyed Bendigo Woollen Mills Ready Spin
  • 693 yards
  • 5mm Knit Picks Majestic DPNs, 17″ and 48″ generic circulars

Works in Progress


  • Dyed up my Knit Picks Stroll Sport in my ‘Wisteria Arbour’ colourway
  • This will be my Christmas Eve cast on, Pomme de Pin by Amy Christoffers

Shop Announcements

  • Shop Update this week 7pm ACDT, Wednesday 14th December
    • Tree project bag
    • 2 x ‘Blushing Rose’ on fingering
    • 2 x ‘Kingfisher’ on aran
  • I will be having a break between 6pm 23rd December 2016 until 7am 3rd January 2017 so get your orders in before the 23rd to get it posted this year
  • Follow MyMuddlings on Instagram to get the sale of the day for my Advent Calendar Sale
  • 2017 Business Planning survey still open here